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Office Projects

LTi’s extensive product portfolio combined with our design expertise has provided us with many opportunities within the commercial sector.

See the case studies below for more information.

2 Cannon Street, London

The refurbishment of offices in 2 Cannon Street was one of the first projects in the UK to be installed with INDUCOOL chilled beams.

The office building comprises some 90,000 square feet of occupied space over 7 stories and was completed in 1963. The building comprises two wings at right angles and designated North & South Wings. The original services design was based around a perimeter four-pipe Induction system with additional chilled fresh air delivered to the central zone via a drop bulkhead and double deflection diffusers.

This existing system was unable to match the requirements of current day cooling loads and comfort levels and was proving to be problematic from a maintenance perspective.

The requirement therefore was to upgrade the system to meet current Cat. A standards, including enhanced comfort levels, reduced maintenance and running costs all within the financial constraints of remaining lease term of 15 years and with the client in continuous occupation.

  • Installed area: 8300 m2
  • Air volume per m2: 2.13 l/s/m2
  • Specific cooling load: 100 W/m2
  • Supply air temperature: 15 0C
  • Secondary water temp: 15 0C
  • PPD: 5%

40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf

The offices at 40 Bank Street have a high cooling load due to the high heatloads from computers and activity in the room. INDUCOOL chilled beams have been used to effectively remove the heat loads and maintain thermal comfort.

  • Specific cooling load: 171 W/m2
  • Project complete: Ongoing

The first phase of this project was to complete the fit-out of three floors.

Our Inducool installation at 40 Bank Street was the first chilled beam installation within Canary Wharf.