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Data Centre Projects

LTi have been at the forefront of providing unique solutions for data centres for many years. Our experience in energy calculations and system design is what differentiates us from general equipment suppliers.

For a brief introduction to what we offer, take a look at the case studies below.

Data Centre in Brooklands

LTi were tasked with developing a unique method for cooling the data centre in this building, in conjunction with hot and cold aisle containment within the data centre.

In collaboration with our key supplier Mountair (based in Switzerland), we developed a hybrid cooling system that would maximise on the available free cooling, whilst utilising the least amount of energy and thus help to deliver a data centre with PUE values amongst the lowest ever achieved.Hybrid Cooler from Mountair

To 600kW modules were installed side-by-side on the outside of the data centre in order to meet the ‘Day-1’ cooling requirements with the traditional n+1 arrangement.

To further increase resilience, the module design incorporated

  • Fan wall with plug fans driven by EC motors
  • Twin head pumps

Installation time was extremely fast. The modules were fully assembled, sealed against the data centre and commissioned within three weeks from delivery

To date, PUE values as low as 1.17 have been reported (please note that we are unable to verify reported PUE values)

Data Centre in Gloucester

LTi supplied 100 ice tanks to this 5MW data centre in Gloucester.

The ice tanks provide resilience in the event of chiller failure. Although the system incorporates N+1 within the chilled water circuit, the start-up time for the stand-by chiller can be as much as 10 minutes. This raised concerns since the data centre temperature can rise by xxC within this time.

The ice tanks resolved these concerns, providing instantaneous cooling back-up in the event of chiller failure.

Data Centre in Slough

Ice Tanks

To meet the requirements for resilience in the event of chiller failure, LTi were asked to provide 36 ice tanks to this xxMW data centre in Slough, Berkshire.

Air Handling Units

Fresh air is supplied to the data centre andAHU for data hall in Slough also the general office space via three LTi-Hidria Air Handling Units, incorporating plate heat exchangers for heat recovery and low energy/low maintenance.

Each unit incorporates high efficiency run and stand-by plug fans .

Energy Centre

In order to increase the efficiency of the overall system, LTi, in collaboration with consulting engineers Meit Associates, developed and supplied a unique energy centre to capture heat from the main chilled water cooling system serving the data-hall, and use this heat-sink to provide a low energy heat source for the cooling, dehumidification and reheat for the fresh air supply.