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Geothermal Heat Pumps


The selection of a Geothermal System generally requires the selection of a heat pump, heat exchangers and water pumps, the water pipe work design and of course the electrical and control components together with the writing of bespoke software. This will always be a time consuming exercise and each project becomes an onsite test bed.

In order to optimise the system, a thorough understanding of the annual operating profile of the heating & cooling loads is essential and usually there is a requirement to achieve simultaneous heating and cooling operation together with domestic hot water heating, further complicating the control requirements.

The Geozent Energy Control Centre offers a compact single source solution with all the required components and operating systems in a single package, requiring only six connection, source energy, heating output & cooling output, or eight connections if domestic hot water is requested.

The Energy Centre has been optimised to provide all of the required functions within a single package, needing only electrical connections in additon to the pipe work connections to the various services. Each Energy Centre is provided complete with external hot and cold water storage cylinders

The unit is fully compatible with the various communication BUS systems available today and can be remotely monitored.

Proven over a period of ten years, the Geozent Energy Centre can be applied not only to geothermal systems but to any suitable source energy.

A recent innovative project was the application to a 30,000 square metre data centre to provide the heating and cooling to the air handling systems serving the data hall and ancillary areas. This project was the recipient of an award at Data Centre Dynamics 2011 under the category “Innovation in the Mega-Data Centre”