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Hybrid Data Centre Cooling

LTi are a specialist supplier for data centre cooling systems. Our approach is to develope an energy efficient solution to remove the data centre rack heat whilst providing flexibility, resilience and cost effectiveness.

Using LTi developed sotware, we are able to provide clients with a full energy appraisal for the systems we offer and use this to optimise component selections.
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Hybrid Data Centre Cooling System

Server cooling can account for as much as 35% of the overall energy consumption associated with the running of a data centre. The energy efficiency of a data centre is portrayed by its PUE (power usage effectiveness) value.

Depending mainly on the cooling system installed, PUE’s generally range from greater than3 (poor) to 1.5 (excellent).

In collaboration with our key suppliers, LTi have developed a unique cooling solution for data centres that maximizes the available free cooling and mimizes the energy consumption utilized, thus reducing PUE to an expected value of around 1.2 to 1.3.
Hybrid Data Centre Cooler
The Hybrid Cooler is an innovative approach to remove the heat from data centre racks utilizing as much free cooling as possible. The term free cooling is used to describe operational periods when the cooling load can be achieved without the need for mechanical cooling. Using proven technology, the system is capable of providing 100% cooling for much of the year without them need for mechanical cooling.
Running costs are substantially reduced during operating periods where the server heat gains can be removed without the need for mechanical cooling, i.e. free cooling. It therefore follows that maximizing the number of free cooling hours is a key factor for reducing data centre cooling costs.

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