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Close Control Units

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Units

LTi are an appointed distributor for the Tecnair Close Control Data Centre Cooling units (CRAC units).
In addition to their wide range of standard CRAC units, Tecnair have also developed a unit with integral ‘free cooling’ to provide low energy data centre cooling when ambient temperatures prevail.

Free Cooling CRAC Unit

The unit incorporates a water cooled DX system and an additional free cooling coil. The condenser heat is rejected to a water cooled condenser which in turn is rejected to outside via dry or adiabtic cooling.
Whenever ambient conditions prevail, a 3-port control valve redirects the cooling water from the external dry or adiabatic cooling directly to the free cooling coil within the CRAC unit.

Tecnair, unlike many other manufacturers, have obtained independant certification for their close controls data centre cooling units through Eurovent.
All unit selections are produced through hi-tech selection software.
The techical manual for the complete Tecnair range of computer room close control units can be downloaded from our download area