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Adiabatic Cooling

LTi are a UK distributor for the LU-VE Group.

LU-VE investment in product development have kept them at the forefront of technology and innovation since taking over the Contardo Coil company in 1986.

Heat Exchanger Technology

LU-VE was the first company in the world to apply the following features to commercial and industrial refrigeration:

  • Grooved Tube Technology
  • Specialized Exchange Surface Technology

LTi can provide unique adiabatic coling solutions offering savings in energy and plant space compared with traditional dry cooling methods. The innovative DRY AND SPRAYŽ system used, thanks to its special nozzle configuration, utlises less water for the same cooling effect compared withn most traditional adiabatic coolers.


  • water consumption limited to brief periods of the year
  • absence of stagnant water and consequent elimination of risks associated with water impurity and environmental contamination (for example, legionella)
  • shorter payback time of the investment
  • low energy consumption
  • low noise levels
  • possibile free cooling
  • no vapour clouds

Advantages compared to traditional dry installations:

  • important overall reductions in the space taken up by the equipment (up to 1/3)
  • important air flow reduction (up to 1/3)
  • important energy consumption reduction (up to 1/3)
  • quieter running
  • possible cooling to a temperature below that of the ambient air dry bulb