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Chilled Beams

Inducool Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are a proven energy efficient means of providing cooling to buildings with high heat gains. The INDUCOOL chilled beams offer a unique solution to cool efficiently with air and water integrated into a single element. This reduces energy costs while providing hygienic outdoor air for ventilation with high thermal comfort levels.

The original concept of the chilled panel was to combine a radiant ceiling with an air supply to provide a simple to install, cost effective integrated system.

The chilled panel is made up of an attractive aluminium finned surface onto which a cooling element is fixed on the topside and a primary air supply plenum. The secondary air passes over the underside of the finned panel, which also transfers energy by radiation thereby enhancing the overall comfort levels.

The INDUCOOL chilled beams have been successfully used in:

  • Office and administration buildings
  • Banks and building societies
  • Trading floors
  • Department stores
  • Retail trade stores
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Educational facilities

LTi have had 10 years of trouble-free experience supplying the Kiefer Inducool chilled panel, a unique product in the field of chilled beams.

Occupancy Comfort

Whilst chilled beam installations have gained popularity over the past decade, installations have not been without their fair share of performance issues. Issues of comfort in particular arise when trying to match high in space cooling loads where the buoyancy forces of the space heat loads caused the air stream from the chilled beam to short circuit and hence degrade capacity. Additionally, where the Coanda effect from opposing air streams meet and produce a vertical jet, high velocities will be created in the occupied zone causing occupant discomfort. The target figure for comfort levels for high quality office space according to BS EN7750 is a PPD of 6%.


A prerequisite for any chilled beam to supply primary air without causing drafts is its ability to induce room air and mix thoroughly. The induction ratio for the INDUCOOL chilled beams is between 25:1 and 30:1, ensuring proper mixing with room air and thus draft free air distribution when compared with an average of around 5:1 for systems based around 1960’s induction technology. High induction ratios also ensure the system is more effective in ensuring the outdoor air portion of the airstream is delivered to the occupants allowing them to feel “fresh” throughout the working day.

The proven INDUCOOL technology has these features:

  • Unique, draught-free air distribution
  • Design software ensures the beams are selected to a maximum room velocity of 0.19m/s
  • Cools with air and water and radiation
  • Occupies only 5 – 10% ceiling space
  • Beams only 300m wide by 145mm high
  • Effective delivery of ventilation air
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Visually effective
  • Flexibility in ceiling design/layout
  • Cooling capacity – Up to 200 W/m˛
  • Heating capacity to 50W/m2
  • Typical PPD of 6%

Multi-Service Beams

INDUCOOL Technics multi-service chilled beam combines the superior cooling performance of the INDUCOOL chilled beam with lighting and other mechanical services to provide a solution for all your buildings cooling, ventilation and lighting needs.