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Grilles & Diffusers

LTi can provide comprehensive range air distribution products. Manufactured to a
very high standard and supported by comprehensive technical resource and selection software we believe that
within this range we have a product ideally suited for the great majority of design applications.

Products Include:

  • Floor Convectors. (Heating and Cooling, Natural and Forced)
  • Variable Swirl Diffusers with Thermostatic Control.
  • Circular and Square Faced Diffusers.
  • Slot Diffusers and Round Duct Diffusers.
  • Air Displacement Terminals.
  • Supply Air Nozzles.
  • Sound Attenuators and Acoustic Louvres.
  • Clean Room Equipment.
  • Fan Coil and Ceiling Cassette Type Units.

More information can be found within our download area