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LTi was established in 1997 and is a distributor for a number of leading independent European manufacturers. LTi was founded by Martyn Love, the Managing Director, in 1997 following 28 years with Carrier Corporation, where he was primarily involved in Systems Engineering.

LTi’s business is the provision of complete solutions to problems arising in the application of products to HVAC systems, whilst having a specific focus on quality and energy efficiency at a commercially acceptable cost.

LTi products range from basic air distribution components through to specialist Displacement Diffusers, Chilled Beams and Air Handling units including desiccant technology. Other Specialist areas include close control environments utilising the latest in CRAC unit technology and Evaporative Cooling.

LTi have also been involved in a number of “firsts” in the UK industry including:

  • The first Geothermal Energy Pile and combined Concrete Core Cooling System in the UK
  • The first Chilled Beam Installations in Canary Wharf
  • The first Major Ice Thermal Storage System for Data Centre Back up
  • The first direct wind powered zero carbon Ice Thermal Storage System

LTi have extensive test and demonstration facilities at our disposal, provided by our European suppliers. This includes a new €6,000,000 airside test facility, the most advanced in Europe. We “specialise in the special”.