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Buckingham Palace Road

Picture of the outside of Buckingham Palace Road

LTi in conjunction with their key manufacturer Hidria have recently supplied the major central plant for this large commercial office building refurbishment in Buckingham Palace Road in the centre of London.

In the overall renovation of the glass office building located in the direct vicinity of the Buckingham Palace and the famous Victoria Railway Station, LTi-Hidria provided its advanced solutions for the refurbishment of the main cooling and air supply system.

LTi were awarded the contract thanks to its innovative products for efficient use of energy which have a competitive edge on the market. In collaboration with international consultancy practice Meinhardt, LTi were able to offer a unique solution to the buildings cooling load utilising low energy and recovering waste heat.

Chillers at BPR

Chillers at BPR

There are eight air cooled chillers built into the facility, with a total output cooling power of over 4 MW. Four chillers incorporate a patended free cooling system to provide low energy cooling when ambient temperatures are below 15 0C. The other four chillers incorporate heat recovery through a built in desuperheater, and this energy is used to provide pre-heated water to the boiler return.

LTi-Hidria also provided 50 air handling units for this prestigious building, each constructed to Eurovent standards and meeting energy Class-A. Eight roof-top mounted fresh air supply units incorporating high efficiency thermal wheel heat recovery, deliver treated fresh air to the plant rooms located within each core on every floor. Within each on-floor plantroom, a mixture of fresh air and office return air is then treated locally through an on-floor VAV supply AHU.